About Beachbound Tech

Who we are
Among Beachbound Tech's bedrock principles: Integrity.

Many web sites attempt to create an illusion of a big company with a large staff, impressive facilities, and round-the-clock operations, when in fact, it is a small company. How good is the relationship going to be if the first thing a company does is try to deceive you about how big it is? Let's skip the intrigue: At Beachbound Tech, us and we are me.

My name is Tom Porter. I am the founder and President of Beachbound Tech. I am also the guy who takes out the trash, opens the mail, does the bookkeeping, among other duties that go along with running a small business. While I do enjoy occasional big company projects, many of my clients are small businesses or non-profit organizations. My own day-to-day experiences in business make it easy for me to identify with the unique realities faced by small business owners and managers.

Background and skills
In the world of technology, I am a generalist. I have worked for small, medium, and large organizations, providing a variety of skills and services. I've run businesses within businesses, managed operations, development, technical writing and quality control teams, and provided consulting services to external clients both large and small.

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and also an Agile Certified Professional (ACP). My best skills are creating order out of chaos and seeing the detailed steps necessary to complete a project or activity while not losing sight of the bigger business needs of an organization. I am a firm believer in the statement " less is more" and strive to create websites that emphasize ease-of-use along with integration of database functionality.

I also specialize in relating to my clients on both a business and personal level. I don't like it when techies make things more complicated than needed.

What you can expect as a client
As a prospective client, you may be wondering what the ups and downs of using me for web site hosting, development, consulting, etc., would be.

Let's start with what you don't get: High powered salespeople in suits, lunch at the Four Season, an 800 number to a 24 hour call center in some foreign country, glitzy marketing materials, and big invoices.

What you do get: One easy to talk to, experienced business and technology professional, with a genuine interest in understanding what you need. Modest prices. An honest appraisal of whether or not Beachbound Technology is right for your project. If I don't have the expertise or resources you need, I'll tell you.

Technology, equipment and facilities
Ready for some alphabet soup? I use both Linux and Windows as hosting platforms, with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Office, Javascript, PERL, XML, and a variety of other technologies. I try not to get caught up in "ABC 4.1 is better than XYZ 9.2" thinking. My allegiance is to customers. I use what makes sense for your project based on your requirements and my skills.

I maintain high quality server hardware in professionally run data centers around the United States. These are large, secure, state-of-the-art facilities with redundant Internet connections and the ability to run from their own power generation systems if local utility power fails. I also maintain testing and backup repository servers off-site in the local area, as well as a fire and burglar resistant safe for storage of backup records.

Other facts about Beachbound Tech
Headquarters for Beachbound Tech is my home in Sugar Hill, Georgia. Many of my clients are local to the Atlanta area, but I do also work on long-distance web development projects.